Q. Is this class only for beginners?
A. This class is also perfect for students who have experience painting. I teach a very specific technique and teach you other skills that you can apply to your painting process.





Q. Will the instructor be providing feedback?

A. ABSOLUTELY! I look forward to commenting on your work in Instagram and our closed Facebook group. I can also be reached via the email included in the classes.

Q. Do I need to have a studio space for this class?
A. I will explain the basic setup that you need so you have an enjoyable experience. Having a room for painting is great, but you can easily make do with a corner of a room or a clean kitchen table.





Q. Is this class right for me if I don't have experience painting?
A. YES! This class is designed for beginners and for advanced students. I include lessons explaining the basics. I also will answer your questions in the Facebook Community.





Q. Is this class right for me if I don't have any experience with Shamanic journeying?
A. YES! This class is for both beginning students and advanced practitioners of shamanic journeying.





Q. I don't have a Facebook or Instagram account. Can I still participate?

A. ABSOLUTELY! Social media will be where we build our community hub, but you do not have to join either. You will be able to send me emails with your questions if you prefer to stay off of social media.

Q. I've tried meditation and gave it up. Will this class still work for me?

A. ABSOLUTELY! I teach you simple meditation techniques, but also guided meditations, and body connectivity. If your desire is to do self-improvement and transformation through art this is the class for you…..

Q. Do the classes include supplies?

A. The short answer is no but the classes may be done with supplies you might have on hand already or you can use the supplies list we include and purchase locally. We also give you links to places online where you can order from a set supplies list for very reasonable prices.




Q. Do I have to share my work?
A. I encourage you to share, but it will not be a requirement. If you have questions, you can also send them via email.

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